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Amanda Blue

Deriving from a successful career directing feature-length documentaries, Amanda’s curiosity for exposing human truths informs all aspects of her filmmaking.

After growing up in Australia, Amanda moved to London to complete a Masters Degree in Film and spent four years honing her craft while working alongside lauded film director Mike Figgis. She then went on to direct her own documentaries, winning numerous awards both in the UK and internationally. As one of Britain’s leading documentary filmmakers, she has unearthed the humanity and hilarity in people as diverse as John Prescott and Al Murray, alongside tackling important stories including a murderous epidemic that gripped Sydney in the late 20th century.

Amanda’s acclaim is not simply restricted to documentaries though. Recently, she directed the pilot series Newark, Newark, a hilarious sit-com that follows a pugnacious chip-shop manager and exhausted matriarch, starring Mathew Horne and Morgana Robinson. And additionally, she directed two episodes for ITV’s much anticipated medical drama Maternal, a series that tells the story of three medical professionals as they attempt to balance their increasingly demanding jobs on the post-pandemic frontline with their lives as new mothers. 

Alongside her long-form work, Amanda’s commercials have brought her significant recognition. Her debut commercial for Haven Holidays picked a CIMTIG award and since then, she’s been in constant demand directing for brands including Dove, Fairy and Volkswagen to name just a few.

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