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Dearbhla Walsh

Dearbhla Walsh is an Irish filmmaker who has brought some of the most iconic, most culturally groundbreaking television shows to our screens. From The Handmaid’s Tale, to Fargo, to Traitors, to Shameless, to Merman’s very own BAFTA-winning black comedy Bad Sisters, Dearbhla has worked her magic to direct key episodes, showcasing her expertise in dramatic storytelling and a dedication to film craft.

Across these major series, she has worked with some of the biggest international names, including Elizabeth Moss, Courtney Cox, David Threwlis, Carrie Coon, Ewan McGregor, Anne-Marie Duff and of course, the irrefutable Sharon Horgan. So if you’re looking for an expert storyteller who is terrific at capturing performance and crafting story arcs, Dearbhla is for you.

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