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Mark Albiston

Award-winning director Mark Albiston has a profound talent for identifying untapped actors and capturing nuanced performances that encapsulate the fragility, tenacity and candour of the human spirit.

Having grown up in small town suburbia, Mark’s narrative work is often inspired by the light and shade within the minutiae of everyday life, as seen in his acclaimed short films Six Dollar Fifty Man, Datsun and his debut feature Shopping that premiered at Sundance Film Festival and won the Grand Prix for Best Feature in Generation 14plus at the Berlinale.

In the commercial space, Mark is a celebrated storyteller, whose work spans an impressive breadth of genre and tone. From emotive narrative arcs for brands including Lipton and Spark, to witty and at times absurdist comedy for Thomas Cook, Zalando and Pump, Mark consistently brings a touch of magic to every script in his wheelhouse. And when it comes to working with children, Mark’s expertise is simply unrivalled. He showcases great faith when trusting in each child’s individuality, bringing that to the forefront to empower the child’s confidence on-set and in turn, drive authenticity.

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