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Martin Krejci

Martin is a visual conductor who orchestrates many disciplines throughout his work, and pushes the possibilities of any given script. His keen curiosity and theatrical influences have allowed him to experiment, perfect and surprise us throughout his career – reminding us that film-making is truly an art form.

To kickstart his career, Martin studied documentary filmmaking at Prague’s prestigious Academy of Performing Arts before going on to hone his craft on countless critically acclaimed advertising projects. As a result he was named as one of the top ten advertising directors in the world by various sites and publications including Shots in 2010 and 2011. More recently Martin has applied his skillset to long form projects such as The True Adventures of Wolfboy, starring Hollywood heavyweights John Turturro and Chloe Sevigny.

He is well known for directing bold, cinematic and innovative work for the likes of Apple, Nike, Honda, Lurpak, Adidas, Heineken and Carlsberg, building an extensive and consistently impressive body of work over time. His attention to detail, craft and technical know-how means that he has that unique ability to elevate any project beyond its primary vision, while simultaneously placing storytelling at the centre of all of his work.

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