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Olly Williams

Olly Williams is not to be missed. Whether it be for sporting the best groomed moustache in the game, or for the weird and wonderful worlds that he creates, he is a director that should be on everybody’s radar.

Olly brings something special to Merman’s roster with his keen eye for design, distinctive visual and narrative styles and subtle sense of humour. Having made a name for himself as one of the UK’s most highly regarded commercial production designers, Olly brings a wealth of creativity and experience to every one of his campaigns. In his directorial career, he has flexed his imagination for brands including MoneySupermarket, Virgin Trains, Barclaycard and Misko. Additionally, his work for Suzuki bagged him award-winning recognition, showcasing a Willy Wonka worthy car factory.

Olly thrives when the odds are stacked against him, and the creativity in a script knows no bounds. He is a joy to work alongside, and a truly unique offering from Merman’s stable.

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