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Zak Emerson

Zak Emerson is an award-winning commercials director based in London, working worldwide. Trained in Fine Art Painting at Central Saint Martins, Zak’s cinematic approach reflects his keen eye for detail.

His journey from a storyboard artist to a director has been marked by a unique blend of painterly cinematography, visual wit, and emotionally resonant performances. Zak’s work has a sincere quality that leaves audiences smiling and occasionally reaching for a tissue.

Awards line Zak’s path, from Cannes Lions to Kinsale Sharks, ICADS to Promax, The One Show to Eurobest Grand Prix. His critically acclaimed body of commercial work stretches across the UK, EU, and USA, having directed for brands including Vauxhall, Amazon, Pandora and Skoda.

He thrives on collaboration, working seamlessly with diverse, open-minded creative partners. Zak’s personal life, particularly his role as a father to two kids, influences his work, infusing it with authenticity and warmth.

Beyond the glitz of the industry, Zak is an avid ultra-runner, rock climber, and snowboarder. As co-founder of – his passion for photography and adventure takes him to captivating, off-the-beaten-track destinations.

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