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Nicole Ackermann

Nicole is a passionate, detail-obsessed storyteller. She has an immersive visual style and a strong intuitive approach to performance.

Nicole’s films have a strong visual aesthetic, and combined with powerful performances she creates tactile worlds for narratives to unfold. Visuals are balanced with a strong conceptual approach – crafting stories with heart, as well as beauty.

Finding that she had a passion for creating beautiful, emotional narratives, her directing career was sparked while studying theater and film, leading her to explore a career in creative research and advertising. She followed up with a creative stint at TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris before directing commercials. Highlights from her impressive list of clients include; Lexus, Citibank, Whirlpool, Grey Goose, GMC, Samsung, Ally Bank, Burt’s Bees, McDonald’s and Gillette.  She has also directed a number of international commercials including Singapore Airlines, Samsung, The Economist and American Airlines. 

Nicole currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa.

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