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Luke White

Luke White is an award-winning Director hailing from the UK. His revolutionary array of campaigns for globally recognized brands such as Nordstrom, Replay, H&M, Baileys, O2, Hermès, Swarovski, and Adidas have garnered him the respect as being a leading innovator in the world of filmmaking. His experimental films commissioned by Nowness, such as ‘Mine’ and ‘Umbrella,’ have been greatly applauded by the advertising community for their unique and experimental perspective. Throughout his career, Luke has collaborated with some of the top agencies, post-production, VFX houses, and production teams in the business.

Accomplished in technical approach, in-camera and in post-production, Luke’s filmmaking guarantees an element of magic. The work is artfully crafted and truly conceptual; earning a Gold Lion and Young Directors’ Award at Cannes Film Festival as well as exhibitions worldwide, from the Guggenheim Museum to the British Film Institute.

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