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Eva Michon

Eva Michon is a filmmaker, photographer and artist known for her evocative visual language and playful exploration of character. Her fascination with people and eye for detail naturally reveals the idiosyncrasies of life. Eva’s interest in arts and culture led her to co-found Bad Day, an interview magazine which ran for 20 issues until closing in 2016.

Michon takes an unpretentious approach to fashion, commercials, and music videos, jumping between genres and joyfully playing in the nuance of performance with both seasoned actors and first-timers. Her taste, technical standard and gift for storytelling has earned her numerous awards including a Silver Clio for her work with CHANEL, and Prism Prize for music videos with Death from Above 1979. Her client list also includes Samsung, Best Buy, Diet Coke, Lincoln Motor Company, Netflix, Pandora, to name a few. Michon recently directed the first brand campaign for luxury tennis brand SellaV, which received the AdAge Editor’s Pick of the Day distinction.

She is currently based in the Amish countryside of Ontario, Canada. As a DJ she is available for birthdays, weddings, bat/bar-mitzvahs.

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