Lacey Chatterbox


30 October, 2023


And now for something completely different… Like most people, Adlanders now and then like to take a break from the hard sell, in other words, commercials, and simply enjoy a work of uninhibited fun, especially if it’s pretty mad. Chatterbox (view here) by Merman Branded director LACEY is such wonderful madness. A shape-shifting, gender-bending film version of a kid’s flipbook but for adults, Chatterbox is a surreal collage of fascinating faces and voices. She created it as an experiment not connected to any brand or product, although she believes the format could be adapted for commercial use. It is an exercise in pure creativity by a leading director and photographer in the world of fashion, beauty, and retail.

LACEY has collaborated with globally renowned brands and fashion houses and also regularly contributes to leading publications Vogue and Elle. After studying graphic design and photography in London, she started her career as first assistant to celebrated fashion photographer Tim Walker, widely known for creating fashion stories immersed in make-believe imagery and whimsical narratives. LACEY’s unique body of work likewise employs fantasy combined with clean aesthetic lines, creating trademark graphic and color-led visuals that are always optimistic and fun. She recently wrapped a stunning campaign for Estée Lauder which you can view here.