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“Morning Pod” with Eva Michon

22 October, 2022

Eva Michon is an award-winning director and co-founder of Bad Day magazine. Eva sat down with Josh and Austin on a brisk fall morning to discuss her recent trip to Poland, leaving Los Angeles, having a baby right before the pandemic, trying to ‘say yes to everything’, flakey people, Mississauga, Toronto architecture, driving across the country with a six month old baby, the ‘old ‘ Ossington, the balance between criticism and appreciation, Eva realizes she’s had too much coffee, her new tv pilot ‘Zabawa’, small town energy, bowling alleys, delayed gratification, Bad Day Magazine, Lil Internet accidentally leaving a folder of unreleased music on Josh’s computer, Johnny Rotten, her upcoming feature film and much more!

Listen to the episode here!

(Feature from “The Cold Pod” Podcast)