Pantene Quinceañera Transgender Visibility 2022

Pantene celebrates a beautiful transformation

13 February, 2023

By Carol Cooper


Created by Grey New York and directed by Nicole Heiniger through Fauna, this totally heartwarming film follows the emancipation of Isa and her family’s remarkable journey to understanding and acceptance.

The Quinceañera is a dream come true for many Latina girls as they turn fifteen. But this rite of passage to womanhood, celebrated by the whole community, has often excluded transgender women.

Pantene partnered with Isa, a transgender woman in her forties, to give her the Quinceañera she never had. The film tells her poignant story and follows her preparations leading up to and including the day with her friends and family.

One of the most lump-in-the-throat moments is her father’s self-confessed ‘coming out’ from confusion and prejudice to genuine tolerance and a newfound joy that, though he may have lost a son, he now has a lovely new daughter in the family.