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Square Whips Up Workplace Comedy in Series of Spots Directed by Dime Davis

04 April, 2023

Square has launched a new series of workplace comedy spots, in the vein of sitcoms such as “The Office” and “Superstore.” The campaign, titled “Everything your business needs. Almost,” comprises five short videos that place in different work settings such as a restaurant and supermarket, which all use Square’s digital payment software.

Emmy-nominated filmmaker Dime Davis directed the spots. She drew from her experience directing comedy shows like “Abbott Elementary,” which is also a workplace sitcom, and “A Black Lady Sketch Show.”

Square’s in-house creative team developed the campaign, working with Merman on film production.

One spot, titled “Shapes,” shows a supermarket manager explaining to his workers how Square automates sales, inventory and payroll processes. In response, the employees ask if they can use other shapes, such as a parallelogram, instead of a square.

The 15- and 30-second spots are structured as mini sitcom episodes. They take place during an average workday, centering around a funny premise or employees misunderstanding how Square works.

“I see these spots as a collection of the very best scenes from an elevated workplace comedy,” said Davis. “I wanted to treat these ads like a mini-movie so that the spots would feel playful and authentic with a little bit of edge, like a real slice-of-life.”

“We wanted to create spots built around witty and authentic humor, all with the goal of having business owners associate a sense of relief when they think about our brand,” said Lauren Weinberg, global head of marketing and communications at Square. “Our creative also shows how sellers are turning to Square to alleviate some of that stress, automate their operations, and create new revenue streams.”

Square first developed the campaign in the U.K., with the help of ad agency 72andSunny, and an Australian version launched earlier this year.

The ads will run on YouTube and Meta platforms, as well as several TV networks.