Tennis is a Game of Seduction in This Skirt’s Brand’s Sexy First Ad

01 December, 2023

SellaV creator and designer Kaylie Schiff wrote the playful script for the spot, which was directed by Merman’s Eva Michon.

In tennis, love means nothing—or is it everything?

SellaV, a new line of high-end tennis skirts created by designer and artist Kaylie Schiff, has released a quirky, sexy new ad in which a woman searches for love through tennis matches. The script, written by Schiff, meditates on tennis as courtship ritual—with our main character seeing every point, every match, as an endless flirtation.

Will she ever find her true love? Or is it all just foreplay?

The spot, directed by Eva Michon of Merman, has a stylish indie-film vibe, not unlike some of Design Army’s work for Georgetown Optician. The slow-mo images are set to the score of “Les Paniteurs (The Skater’s Waltz)” by Emile Waldteufel. It promotes and features sellaV’s line of tailored skirts.

The film is dedicated to Lucinda Schiff, Kaylie’s mother, who died in 2015—and who taught her daughter the game of tennis. “The story is based on real-life,” Schiff said. “I love tennis. I was raised on it, and I actually did go on tennis dates for a period, because I couldn’t relate to the modern dating scene. So that was the inspiration.”

“This is not a typical commercial,” said Michon. “It is meant to get people excited about this new brand, deliver a sense of the character of the brand, but also not give everything away. There is mystery, playfulness, and of course, sex appeal.”

Schiff said the film is also a teaser for a TV project she’s been developing based on the same idea. “So stay tuned,” she said.

The sellaV website had been built around imagery from the same shoot.