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13 April, 2022

Channel 4 is releasing seven new Blaps on All 4, the most ever released in one go, featuring up-and-coming as well as established talent, including Kiell Smith-Bynoe, Jamie Demetriou and Rosie Jones. Channel 4’s Blaps have historically been a breeding ground for several series commissions, including We Are Lady Parts, recently commissioned for a second series on Channel 4, Stath Lets Flats, Home and Dead Pixels (E4).

This collection of Blaps includes Disability Benefits from Merman: Having been made redundant, and with her state benefits cut to shreds, a young woman with very little left to lose begins to build an illegal drugs empire. But Rosie Dawkins isn’t your average street-dealing dope peddler – she’s sharp, funny, biting – and, on top of all that, she has cerebral palsy.

People have underestimated Rosie her entire life; if they’re not patronizing her for completing the most menial of tasks, they’re pretending she’s not even there. What better disguise could there be for criminal activity than being written off by the same system that exists to protect the law?

Disability Benefits comes from Merman, starring Rosie Jones as Rosie and featuring Ryan McParland, Guy Rhys, Angela Griffin, Lynn Hunter, Mark Monero and Will Brown. Disability Benefits was written by Rosie Jones and Peter Fellows, directed by Sophie King and produced by Charlie Laurie. The Executive Producers for Merman were Clelia Mountford & Sharon Horgan; the Executive Producers for 2LE were Tom Thostrup & Michael Livingstone. Disability Benefits was commissioned by Laura Riseam.

Co-Commissioning Executives for Channel 4 Laura Riseam and Joe Hullait said:

“After a world pandemic enforced hiatus, we are so delighted for Blaps to be back bigger, bolder and better than ever before. With seven brand new shorts, this bumper crop is showcasing exciting new talent on and off screen and delivering stories from previously unheard voices. We were overwhelmed by the reception to our brief and can’t wait for everyone to get their peepers on this round of Blaps.

Series including Lady Parts, Chewing Gum, Stath Lets Flats and Dead Pixels all originated as Blaps, so they are following in the footsteps of some fantastic hits! This new set of Blaps is building on these successes and represent more potential shows for Channel 4.”

The collection of Blaps will be released on All 4 on Friday 6th May, with Biscuitland set to be released later in the year.