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19 June, 2018

Hit BBC Two comedy Motherland is back!

A collective sigh of relief can be heard across the Motherland as a new school term dawns. It’s also dawned on Julia (BAFTA nominated Anna Maxwell Martin)  that she still hasn’t sorted her childcare.  Her wonderful husband has decided to step up to the mark and train for Iron Man. Amanda (Lucy Punch) and the alpha mums are back in the cafe, rolling up their blouse sleeves for this years PTA while Kevin (Paul Ready) looks on from his table next to the toilet.  Liz (Diane Morgan) has mastered the art of not giving a damn, and is going back to bed.

Series two of Motherland will see new mums join the scrum at the school gates, leaving the audience wondering which table they’ll join at the local cafe. Whatever happens, it’s not gonna to be pretty.

Produced by Delightful Industries, part of the Twofour Group, and Merman.