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The Week Before Christmas
Sky's Little Crackers


1983. Christmas on the Horgans’ turkey farm is a hectic time and 14-year-old Sharon must do her share of the plucking. It isn’t a particularly fun way to pass the time, although things look up when she meets easy-on-the-eye fellow plucker James. The flirty teens agree to meet later that night, but when James doesn’t turn up it sparks a chain of events that spell disaster for the Horgans, mainly the tea-leafing of all their turkeys. With fingers pointing at Sharon’s young suitor, can the family salvage Christmas?

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Written and Directed by
Sharon Horgan

Clelia Mountford

Executive Producers
Damon Beesley, Sharon Horgan, Simon Wilson, Saskia Schuster & Lucy Lumsden

Conleth Hill, Sharon Horgan, Cian Mulhall, Quaid Cleland, Katherine Rose Morley, Aisling Loftus, Susie Power, Sam Keeley, Peter Harkness

Co-Production with Bwark Productions

Sky 1

Transmission Date
20th December 2012

1 x 20mins

International 3D Awards 2013: Outstanding Achievement Award

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