Hyundai How Far Weve Come BONAPARTE LBB

BONAPARTE Unveils Inspiring Campaign for Hyundai and FIFA Women’s World Cup™

27 July, 2023

Berlin based production company BONAPARTE have unveiled its latest thought provoking campaign for Hyundai, the official sponsor of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

As part of Hyundai’s ‘Goal of the Century’ campaign, the 60’ hero film entitled, ‘How Far We’ve Come’ traces the progress of women’s football through history, paying tribute to the journey of the sport and the women who have been a part of it. Commemorating the road that has led women’s football to the world stage, the campaign pays homage to periods of time when the sport was banned and deemed unsuitable for women.

Directed by Nicole Ackermann through BONAPARTE, the film melds Nicole’s experience directing period pieces and football adverts together through an emotive, feminist lens. The powerful script was written by the creative team at Jung von Matt, with each historical moment carefully unpicked by Nicole in order to understand the nuanced emotions and feelings of each time period.

From the first women’s football game in 1895 to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup™, women haven’t just played the game – they’ve changed it. The film opens in 1895, as lead protagonist Jeannette fights to keep possession of the ball to shocked onlookers. Continuing to defy expectations and surprise audiences across the world, the film shows the rise in popularity and acceptance of women’s football. Culminating in a tense moment in the present day, as audiences watch Jeannette prepare to score a winning goal, proudly observed by women from over time, who helped the sport get to where it is today.

Nicole Ackermann commented, “This is one of the most powerful pieces I feel I’ve done in my career. As a female filmmaker, I tried to bring on as many women onto the team as possible, from the ground up. And this is what the crew ended up looking like; it was mainly all female, all the way up to our executive producer.”

She continued, “Our lead, Jeannette, was amazing. She gave such an incredible performance because I believe the subject matter was so close to her heart. She’s really living and breathing women’s football. It was so interesting hearing even just the daily challenges that Jeannette faces as a professional athlete. I learned from her that there’s not necessarily full support for women’s football, and that also just financially, that’s also like a big challenge for women. Advertisements like this really help. A level of awareness is really helping the women’s World Cup, now getting bigger and bigger every year.”

The campaign launches across TVC, digital and social media and OOH in Australia and New Zealand.