Hyundai – How Far We’ve Come

Hyundai’s golden memories of golden goals

03 August, 2023

Created by Jung von Matt and directed by Nicole Ackermann through BONAPARTE, the hero film titled How Far We’ve Come is part of Hyundai’s ‘Goal of the Century’ campaign.

A thought-provoking journey back through time the film commemorates the bumpy road that has led women’s football to the world stage and reminds us of periods of time – from 1921 to 1971 – when women’s football was banned.

The film opens in 1895, the date of Britain’s first official women’s football match, as the lead protagonist Jeanette shocks onlookers by hitching up her petticoats and fighting to keep possession of the ball.

See here for more on the thrilling story of women’s football, the marketing surrounding the Women’s World Cup and the redoubtable Nettie Honeyball, the knickerbocker-clad founder of the British Ladies Football Club.