History Of The Fifa Womens Worldcup Woman Portrait Retro M

Nicole Ackermann helms a history of women’s football

22 August, 2023

Directed by Merman’s Nicole Ackermann, this captivating campaign for South-Korean vehicle manufacturer Hyundai gives us an inspiring glimpse into the evolution of women’s football.

The first scene, set in the 1800s, sees a young woman watching an all-men’s football game. When the ball rolls at her feet, she smirks, gathers up her petticoat, and skilfully dribbles the ball through a Victorian marketplace, her excitement encapsulated by a fast-paced, punchy soundtrack.

Through Ackerman’s dynamic direction, and some thoughtful costume and set design, the protagonist effortlessly manipulates the ball at break-neck speed as she traverses time periods, until arriving at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, highlighting just how far women’s football has come.